What is biblical discipleship? Of all the questions Christians need to wrestle with, this is one of the most important. Being disciples of Jesus gets to the very core of who we are and what we should be doing with our lives.


DISCIPLES FOLLOW JESUS - When we encounter Jesus, we meet a man who calls us to come and die (Mk. 8:34-35). And he calls us to follow him and learn from him (Mt. 4:19, 11:29).

DISCIPLES IMITATE AND REPLICATE JESUS - At the heart of following Jesus is Jesus’ call to imitate him and replicate him. Since He is our teacher, we are to learn from him and strive in the power of the Holy Spirit to become like him (Lk. 6:40).

DISCIPLES HELP OTHERS FOLLOW JESUS - As we follow our Lord, we quickly learn that part of imitation is replication. We must never forget that God has placed us in the families, workplaces, and circles of friends that we are in so that we can proclaim the gospel of grace to those apart from Christ.

DISCIPLES INTENTIONALLY BUILD RELATIONSHIPS - We need to be intentional about cultivating deep, honest relationships in which we do spiritual good to other Christians. We always need to be intentional, but we don’t always need to be structured. Since we are always following Jesus, we always have the opportunity to help others follow him as well.

DISCIPLES DEPEND UPON GRACE - While it is true that a disciple of Jesus ought to help others follow Jesus, we must always remember that apart from the sustaining and empowering grace of God we can do nothing (Jn. 15:5). As we follow Christ and help others follow him, we’re constantly made aware that we need grace.

*Excerpt from discipleship article written by Garrett Kell